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Gambler's Luck ePub

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It’s a well-accepted fact that gunpoint confessions aren’t always honest.

Maybe that’s why when Dickey, a known liar, swears there’s an “Indian princess” in the back of his wagon, Cole Rede doesn’t believe him.

Then Cole gets word that Rooster, a crooked federal marshal, is hot on his trail. With the prospect of a noose looming on the horizon, he grabs the wagon and takes off.

He’s not expecting the mysterious beauty on the verge of death—or the way she makes him feel, waking up old, feral urges he’s kept under wraps since the very murder that put him in Rooster’s sights. He needs to push Sarah away, and fast, or risk putting them both in danger.

Trouble is, he can’t. And when Rooster finally catches up with them both, Cole’s going to have to choose between protecting himself, his identity, and everything he’s ever known—or the woman he loves.
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