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Bangkok Dragons, Cape Cod Tears ePub

When Michael Decastro gets an email from Tuki his long-gone client, the lady of ten thousand mysteries he doesn t hesitate a moment. He heads to Bangkok to find ... what? He doesn t know. To face what dangers? He hasn t imagined. All he knows is that she s beckoned, and he can t resist her call.

And now, face-to-face with Tuki and a ruby so beautiful it has its own name, Michael must make a choice: move forward, protect Tuki, get to the bottom of her entanglement with the nak lin and see that she s safe, or run back to his father s fishing boat, hiding from the ills of the world beneath a watchcap and a raincoat.

Foolhardy, compassionate Michael hardly has to think ...
This is the follow-up to the LAMBDA-award nominated Provincetown Follies, Bangkok Blues.
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