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Homosexuality, A Biblical View ePub

Homosexuality, A Biblical View ePub ebook download
Originally published in 1978, I wondered if some of the arguments would be out-of-date.But really the arguments haven't changed that much from those who are in the homosexual community."Oddly enough" God's word hasn't changed since 1978 either. ;)

That being the case, this book is still a valuable resource and is helpful in providing a solid understanding to the discussion of homosexuality and the Christian church.Bahnsen's work on the topic is up to his normal standard: exegetically sound, well researched, and comprehensively woven together with airtight logic.He makes his case unapologetically using God's Word as the standard, and presses the reader to undertake the same task.

While homosexuality is a hot button today and the church is sometimes afraid of what to do about it, Bahnsen provides clear answers as well as cogent defenses to those who would try to persuade people otherwise.He makes clear distinctions in his vocabulary and is careful not to come across as legalistic or tyrannical; yet the reader comes away wondering how anyone could ever see the Bible endorsing or approving homosexuality, which is so often claimed today.

The two most helpful chapters to me were the last two, the response of the church and response of society.The church is not called to attack homosexuality as if no other sin is worth calling people to repentance.So toward the those participating in homosexual sin, the church is to respond to them as to any other unbeliever - call them to repentance.The civil magistrate on the other hand, so long as it is under the authority of God, needs to be clear on what is a civil crime and what is not - and then uphold justice accordingly.Now, Bahnsen is a theonomist, so he argues from the Old Testament that homosexuality is in fact not just a sin against God but also a crime against society.While it's hard emotionally/psychologically to reach the conclusions he does, it's also very hard Biblically/logically to refute his argument.Either way, it will make people think much deeper on the topic than they probably have previously; and it will make them evaluate their own thoughts in light of Scripture.

Clear and insightful, over 30 years old and still a good resource on the topic for understanding the arguments from the homosexual community for acceptance and the response of God's Word for obedience.As with any sin, the only way out is through the grace of our Lord and Savior who provides richly to any and all who call on Him.May he use this work to help strengthen His church in this understanding, and to call unbelievers to repentance.
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