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Beastly Beautiful ePub

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One girl, one secret ...

Teagan Grant is homeless and on the run from her family. Life on the streets is rough enough but it’s about to get worse as she takes her fate into her hands by agreeing to a mysterious assignment from a sinister stranger calling himself “Sir”. With no idea she’s about to find herself in more peril than she can imagine, Teagan enters Sir’s shadowy world of beastly curses and clandestine rituals.

From murky alleyways and sparkling penthouses to menacing midnight forests, she pursues the answers her new employer will do anything to conceal. But as her relationship with the enigmatic Sir grows closer, so too does a new enemy—one with plans to destroy them both. Will Teagan and Sir learn to trust one another in time to join forces against this looming threat?

*** Originally published by Lyrical Press in 2009, under the title This Side of Dawn.
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