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The Crossroad (Amish Country Crossroads, #2) ePub

The Crossroad (Amish Country Crossroads, #2) ePub ebook download
This was only my second Beverly Lewis read and after perusing through many of the reviews I was puzzled by some of the negativity in them, especially those who thought the author was over-proselytizing her own peculiar Christian beliefs.

Because this was a sort-of "story within a story," the unusual religious themes were an absolutely essential part of the story in explaining the struggle against some of the darker aspects of the Amish religious traditions.

Maybe I'm just getting old but neither did I find this a slow hard-to-get-into read as some others shared.I was drawn in immediately, could not put the book down, and stayed up past midnight to read it through.

The romance between the 'Englischer' Phillip and the beautiful Amish widow Rachael, blinded by a 'conversion disorder' is singularly unique and beautiful.Initially, their magnetic attraction to each other seems hopelessly impossible.Interwoven into this romance is the sinister story of the Amish 'pow-wow' healing arts which has pervaded Rachael's community for generations.

Phillip's desire to help this Amish widow regain her sight and recover from the trauma of the violent accidental death of her husband and young son soon goes way beyond that as he realizes he is in love with a woman from a totally different culture and world.

Rather than find fault with Beverly Lewis's handling of the Christian spiritual warfare necessary to confront false healing and religious ignorance, I found a strong and valuable Biblical truth streaming out of the story that "with God, all things are possible." And further...."You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

I was totally taken up with the quiet drama, the angst of an almost impossible romance, and the spiritual quest to free people suffering under spiritual bondage.

All this to say that I LOVED The Crossroad.....ALL of it!
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