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Outline of a Theory of Practice ePub

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In your heart you know he's right.

"Hello, I'm Pierre. It looks like you want to solve all the problems and problematic dichotomies that have continually been plaguing the human sciences. May I assist you?"

I feel that part of why Bourdieu is today's doxa is because he synthesizes all the insights of the Heroes. All the old-fashioned theorists that you spent so much time learning, but thought you'd never see again (the toys you abandoned when you left childhood) are all there at this shindig at Bourdieu's house! It turns out they weren't outdated after all, and were just waiting for you to show up to start the party!

"Immanuel, have I introduced you to Émile? Jean-Paul, have you met Max? Oh look everybody, it's Karl! (Big round of applause, hoots)"

Me: "I know all of you! Well, not really all that well. But I've heard of all you! Man, I must be a cool guy!"

Pretty soon, I'm spouting off about the 'habitus,' 'practice,' and 'symbolic violence,' as if I were a cool guy. Pierre smiles at me and rides off into the sunset.
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