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Science With Plants ePub

Science With Plants ePub ebook download
The book entitled "Science with Plants" is en educational book appropriate for grades 3rd-5th, The book highlights the science of plants. If students are interested of how things such as plants grow this is definitely the book. The book begins with the explanation of how plants grow. Plants start off with growing from seeds and later develop into plants. This book details the growing process of various learn how to plants ranging from African Violet, Ivy, Fern etc. The book informs the reader of how to properly take care of seeds step by step until the seed produces a flower or plant. I feel that this book can be used in a literacy stations as well as a mini lesson. I would ask students to name key details about what they read in a text, students will be challenged to recall details in a text such as the steps in order to take care of various plants.
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