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Ghost of a Chance (Second Chance at Love, #2) ePub

Josh Hankins, an up-and-coming movie star, and Tori Olson, his business manager, were two of the most envied and sought after people in Hollywood—until the automobile accident.

When Josh and Tori awake from the crash, they continue to walk among the living, but are no longer alive.

Tori, who counted herself a disciple of Jesus Christ, wonders why God is doing this to her.

Josh never showed outward signs of his faith, though something inside always lifted him through good times and bad.

Searching for answers and hoping for eternal peace, Josh and Tori discover something else: they love each other.

But in the uncertain netherworld, such a love—even when flavored with pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins—barely stands a ghost of a chance.

Recipe included.

Cinnamon Girl
Ghost of a Chance

MEET S.J. MacIver:
In an unusual twist of order, S.J. MacIver, a native Californian, now lives in North Dakota, and loves it. Between reading and writing, the author enjoys visits to a nearby local wildlife refuge, traveling both near and far, and a married life that has spanned a lifetime.
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