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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... ePub

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... ePub ebook download

All of the writers of this anthology were working independently, given only the direction to make fun of horror-trope clichés.Surprisingly, a common theme emerged in many of the stories from this collection of using horror-clichés to make jokes about the horrible economy – a horror show in many ways far more terryifing than anything devised by Romero, Wood or Cunningham.And when something is that scary, sometime the only thing to do is laugh at it…

Welcome to Deadtown - ALL of the horror tropes get together to play, and really, once you get them all together its hard to take them seriously…

Squawk at the Moon - a combination of a “gypsy curse/werewolf” story and your basic monster-on-a-spaceship movie.All the clichéd lines of Sci-Fi are trotted out, to very humorous use.

White Light and Blue Glow Always stay Friends on Facebook – you never know when it might come in handy

Safety Boy heh, killing vampires with Aqua Net

Terrifying Legend of Jim – takes the slasher horror fests and tells the story from the serial killer’s POV – lots of grumblings about the pain in the neck serial killer union he has to join for the benefits, as well as the fact no one appreciates the amount of work he puts into making his killings an art form.

Don’t More pragmatic than humorous take on who survives an apocalypse and who doesn’t.

Wasteload – A surprisingly common theme – viewing pregnancy as the ultimate horror show.Sooooo much subtext I’m not even gonna touch it.

The Texas Inbreed Mutant Massacre - A straight up horror story than horror parody.

Zombies Don’t Eat BlondesZombies plus blonde jokes equals pretty good point

Flashlight – all analysis of the Twilight phenomenon aside, this story gets to the heart of it – a long lead up to two teenagers finally, finally having sex, with anticlimactic results.High school in a nutshell.

Leonard Has an Evening Out - Twilight Zone meets Nintendo – Rod Sterling had no idea what the future would bring.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Moon – a hilarious twist on the usual werewolf story

Death and Taxes – a story so true it loses a lot of its humor in the hard facts of today’s economy that it’s trying o make fun of.Doesn’t help I read this with bills to pay my own self.

The Undead Pay The Bills – I wrote this!I wrote this!And as I the author I can tell you that the subtext is: I have bills to pay, so bring on the zombie-apocalypse.Also, I can tell you the part about the CDC was based on real research…

Killer Interview – One of my favorites of the collection. The poor interviewer is just trying to get someone who can fill the position, but with today’s economy (even in hell) any open job immediately gets slammed with too many applicants, most unqualified.

Night of the Killer Whatchamacallit - A lot like Cabin in the Woods, with a few more stereotypes thrown in.

The Return of the Revenge of the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb It’s all there in the title, and for once, the arrogant “hero” gets what he deserves.

Passing of the Scythe Packs a lot of serial killer tropes into one very short story were, as usual, death gets the last laugh

Don’t Go in the House! A lot of scatological humor – it could be a wry comment on the intelligence level of the entire horror genre, or it could have been used because the author thought it would be funny.Your call.
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