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"A most unusual, sensually provocative and satisfying adventure!"- Clifford Irving
"Fantastic. Literate. Sophisticated. Charming. Fluid. Wonderful writer. I love the style, the voice, the international flavor"- Susan Schulman, N.Y. Literary Agent.

Rollo Runyan, diamond smuggler and something of an educated rake, finds his latest contraband confiscated by a rascally Russian dealer who coerces him into another illicit deal. A mission to secure a parcel of emeralds has him gallivanting all over the world, meeting three very different women who each play a role in his redemption. As he evolves from scoundrel to philanthropist, Runyan retains his reckless courage and wry humor, while Emerald Passage explores the gray area between right and wrong and looks to one burning question: just how much can be achieved through benevolent deceit?

"Writes well-paced action scenes and makes Rollo's first person narration jaunty and engaging and full of nice observations." Kirkus Discoveries