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The Lucid Dreaming ePub

The Lucid Dreaming ePub ebook download
Ashley, a twenty-something California girl, is a post-punk who would
rather be called Spike and who worries about money, her family, and
freeway traffic. She’s also a violent paranoid schizophrenic living in
a state facility west of Los Angeles, her disorder kept under control
by confinement and the drug Prolixin.

One day Spike is shocked to find her cell door open and so she
ventures out, only to find the walls smeared with blood and the
staff missing or dead. She escapes and ventures into a world that’s
been driven mad by waking nightmares, where she’s now the sanest
person alive. Searching for answers, Spike embarks on a road
trip that will lead her from Beverly Hills to a nightmarish Texas
compound to the highest office in the land...
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