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Simple Viennese Cookery ePub

Carpe Kitchen! The door of the Peter Pauper vault has swung open to release our legendary old-school cookbooks…for your e-reader!

When preparing food from a city known for sublime music, stirring art, and opulent architecture, why not go for Baroque? Warm yourself from the inside out with Beer Soup, or Goulash if you’re in a hearty frame of mind. Put some Mozart on as you prepare vivid (to both the eye and the palate) Red Cabbage with Apples. Create a bit of artistic optical illusion with Veal Birds. Vienna’s penchant for visual and aural confectionery extends to actual confectionery as well, and its desserts are to be reckoned with. Take on the iconic Linzer Torte, or sweeten the harvest season with Apple and Almond Pudding. Woodblock prints illuminate this vintage collection of delicacies from the City of Music.

When the torte’s in the oven
You’ll burst into song,
And yodel your gravy
As it bubbles along!
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