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O the Chimneys ePub

Nelly Sachs was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1966. She is known for her poetry about the Holocaust, the experience of which dramatically changed her style and approach to poetry. She is also known for her close relationship to Paul Celan, a Holocaust survivor,a friendship that almost exclusively took place through an exchange of letters. It is in part for this reason I read the book, which is roughly half of her collected works, though I had read some of her work decades ago, and was reminded of her through Anne Michael's new book of poetry, Correspondences, which quotes her and features a portrait of her. I didn't read the verse play, Eli, but I read the poetry, focusing especially on what seemed to me the greatest work, In the Habitations of Death, And No One Knows How to Go On, and Glowing Enigmas, the latter translated by the great Michael Hamburger. I think in part because of Hamburger's vibrant translations, I found the Enigmas her best work, but it was really all powerful and impressive. Amazing how little we hear of her today, a chronicler of rage and trauma and grief, like Anna Akhmatova.
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