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The lost journal of Robyn Hood - outlaw ePub

The lost journal of Robyn Hood - outlaw ePub ebook download
Hollywood has not prepared you for the real Robyn Hood, nor for the seismic shocks that shook England during his lifetime.

The more you become engrossed in his story, the more you learn about his determination, about his sense of what it truly means to be a free spirit.

His battle with corrupt authority in the shape of the sheriff of Nottingham is an inspiration for all of us.

You are about to be transported back to a time when the heart and soul of the country was being fought over - in a battle to the death.

You will come to know the story of many of the characters who make up Robin Hood's band of merrie men - Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlett, Alan a Dale and Maid Marian each have a fascinating tale to tell, and in the journal you are able to read their stories in their own words.

The attempts of the Sherrif of Nottingham to trap and capture Robin make up the heart of the book. It is a deadly game of cat and mouse, Robin is working against much larger and better equipped opponents, only his wits and awareness of the natural world are his protection against the brute force of his enemies.

There are many narrow escapes in the course of the tale, as well as the marvellous moment when Robin encounters his king in disguise in the woods, this is the life changing moment he could never have even guessed at.
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