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The Search for the Amigo ePub

The Search for the Amigo ePub ebook download
You've read the two recent bestsellers, Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm and Linda Greenlaw's The Hungry Ocean. The characters in those books were mature, experienced fishermen.

Imagine how terrifying it was for two small children, alone, lost at sea, a dead man's body in the wheelhouse, without long-range radio communication, caught in an easterly November gale in the Gulf of Alaska, a blow the weather bureau called the worst storm in a century!

Lash Cloud knew his children and brother-in-law were out in the Gulf somewhere, although most observers assumed the Amigo sank along with several other ships in the area. A massive search failed to find any trace of the Amigo, except an empty life raft!

Then came startling news from a trucker in Oregon. He had talked to Danny on a tiny Citizens Band radio. Danny reported his "uncle was dead, the children and their dog were alone, cold, hungry and lost."

Weeks later a second Arctic storm struck, burying the 120-foot-long vessel under tons of ice. The story ends with a twist when the Amigo is finally located only days before Christmas, anchored in remote Roaring Bay, hundreds of miles from where expected. The children have harrowing tales to tell, of an inaccurate compass, capture by outlaws and being rescued by a kindly old hermit..

Wrote in a lean, racing prose by an award-winning author who was a commercial fisherman for four decades, this action-packed sea story will have you reaching for your Dramamine.
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