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Extinction (The Wasteland Chronicles, #6) ePub

Extinction (The Wasteland Chronicles, #6) ePub ebook download
As a whole I found that this series has grown on me, I enjoy the setting and the characters that exist in this universe. My opinion may be a little biased because I consider myself a huge fan of the post apocalyptic genre. I feel a lot of other goodreads members would be a lot less forgiving then me with some of the flaws this series has. That being said I find that most of these titles do not stand well on their own. In fact this series suffers from pacing issues, which could be overlooked if you examine this series as a whole. Unfortunately with the sixth book the story suffers from repetitiveness and hiccups with inconsistency.

As of the sixth installment of this series I will say that this book was a big of a drag for me. It kind of makes me wish the writer would just wrap things up and cut to the chase. I don't like how one location is revisited over and over again. The mysteriousness of this certain location lost it's magical appeal after the main crew traveled there for the fifth or sixth time in the same book. Also I want to add when a certain character dies, I was astounded and confused as to why everyone was so teary eyed over the death. Especially when all but a handful of characters knew of this individuals existence. I mean this is suppose to be the cruel harsh apocalyptic wasteland, where mostly everyone is hardened to death and misery. People die everyday and slavery is accepted among almost everyone, why would blood thirsty raiders even flinch over a single sacrificed death?

Then there is the problem of the poor writing in regards to the allegiance with two blood thirsty tyrants. This part lacked the tension and uneasiness when I envisioned the eventual teaming up of the good guys and the bad guys. Trust is given among enemies so freely that I barely cared where the story was going any more. Which is a huge shame considering tense allegiances were handled slightly better before the sixth book. As of this post I have started the final seventh volume, which I can say is a step up from this book.

Now that I am reaching this books final conclusion I would like to add that this series has been a part of a long buddy read among fantastic friends. If it wasn't for the amazing friends I have on this website, I wouldn't of read such amazing books this summer. A huge big thanks to Lisa, Mehmet, and Krystle, because I had a really fun book filled summer that I will never forget. Buddy Reads really are a lot of fun and if you haven't tried one yet I recommend getting to know one of the fantastic members who frequent this website and giving it a shot!

Here is a link to a great buddy read thread that is coming to a bitter sweet end. Thank you for all of the memories guys! We must do this again real soon. Link: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...


Long live the followers of the apocalypse!
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