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Murder And Mystery In Maine ePub

Murder And Mystery In Maine ePub ebook download
BOTTOM LINE: Part of the “Murder and Mysery in...” series, this is an extremely good collection.There is a nicely balanced selection of short stories, some old, some late 1980s, a few scary, some funny, all with a distinctly “downeast” atmosphere to them, making this a lovely vacation read. Several are magnificently twisted, and the rest are at least good.

“Good Fences”, Alfred Kuan (aka Harvey A. Dodd), 1978
— new neighbor seems a tad nasty
“Time and Time Again”, Harry Kemelman, 1962
— stuffy uncle, wild nephew, old watches and lots of money
“Slowly, Slowly, in the Wind”, Patricia Highsmith, 1972
— superbly creepy, emotional demise of a rich man without scruples
“Fifty Acres of Prime Seaweed”, Charlotte MacLeod, 1986
— daffy backwoods family with brains, and lots of motives for murder
“The Diary of Death”, Edmund Ware Smith
— a nice little camp deteriorates into murder
“The Problem of the Snowbound Cabin”, Edward D. Hoch, 1987
— classic locked room, beautiful misdirection
“A Great Sight”, Janwillem Van de Wetering, 1983
— moody, elegant (but creepy) tale of life in rural coastal Maine
“Witch Kate”, Robert G. Denig
— smooth little Victorian ghost tale
“The Midwinter Guest”, Erskine Caldwell, 1932
— mean old farmer bedevils his wife, rather confusing
“Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?”, Q. Patrick, 1948
— predictable, but extremely intense “a man and his mother” story
“On the Evidence”, Holman F. Day
— rural justice wins out in the death of a nasty woman
“Good Neighbors”, Mary Amlaw, 1985
— smooth tale of undeveloped land, and swiftly developing passions
“Winter”, Kit Reed, 1969
— two older ladies, alone for far too long, meet a handsome tramp
“The Plum Point Ladies”, Henry T. Parry, 1976
— murder at an exclusive summer club in a small coastal town
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