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Portrait of My Desire ePub

It's 1975 and Sharon, a naove 26 years old woman from the Midwest comes to New York to study art and repair her shattered relationship with her father. She meets David Kaplan, a rakishly handsome, savvy, seductive New York corporate lawyer. Their passionate love affair results in Sharon's sexual and emotional awakening. David gets arrested for inside trading information. Humiliated about going to prison he disappears from Sharon's life. Crushed by David's rejection, Sharon loses herself to dancing, drugs, and sexual experimentation in New York City's 1970's disco scene. It's with her psychotherapist that she is able to connect her father's abandoning her when she was 13, to her overwhelming grief for David and downward spiral into drugs and sexual acting out. It's David's eventual return that tests Sharon's new found strength and emotional growth.
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