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101 Decorating Details ePub

The most affordable home-design guides on the market today
There are now 14 books in the 101 series-all in the same compact and stylish format. These fabulous little books are inspirational guides to stylish home decor at a great price—only $9.95 The details in "101" "Decorating Details" range from plumping up a pile of coordinating cushions to arranging a few cut flowers from the garden in a pretty jug—quick and easy ideas that will make a real difference to your rooms in less than an hour. From clearing the clutter to cleaning the windows, level 1 of "101 Ways to Make More Space" includes simple, everyday ways to increase the feeling of space in your place. Level 2 gets down to some serious storage ideas, and level 3 is the house addition that really will change the way you live. Every project has a full description of how to put the idea into practice, and is illustrated by full-color photos. All of the ideas and materials in these books are accessible to the reader, and to prove it, each book comes with a complete with list of US suppliers for the materials used throughout, and contacts for specialist advice.
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