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The New Inspired Leader ePub

So you've made it to Manager...and mastered the technical skills of your business. Great! So what's the next level that you need to know, so you can Inspire your Team to Greatness? Learn the Eight Core Competencies that transform Good Managers into Inspiring Leaders. Get your hands on great strategies for making your message loud and clear. Discover the tools to create a compelling Big Picture and turn it into reality, fast. See what's driving your Team and learn to harness their energy for great results! In this first book of the The New Inspired Leader series, you will find out how great Leaders light the way for those around them. These tools will help you perform at your peak and get the best out of your Team, even in the trickiest of times. Filled with real life examples and personal experience, this easy read will change your thinking about what it takes to be successful in business. Each Chapter contains Inspired Actions and Quality Questions to help you apply your new skills at work and turn your Team around. With a combined 30 years of International Leadership experience, Catherine & Hayden Bell have lead thousands of professionals on their path to success. In this book, they share the strategies and approaches they have applied - and taught others to apply - with great results. If you want to gain valuable insight into your own Leadership style and learn what works, this book is an essential addition to your professional development.
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