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The Search for Patricia ePub

The Search for Patricia ePub ebook download
The Search for Patricia is the first book in THE RAINBOW SERPENT.series. The book has recently been re-written and professionally edited, and with five chapters added to the original. .
It is the story of Patricia, trapped in a loveless marriage to a brutal, psychotic man who has threatened to kill her.
She divorces him, and flees when he is sent to prison. Three years later, Patricia has graduated from university and is looking forward to a rewarding career. She then learns that her ex-husband is to be released, and knows where she is.
Fleeing to Australia, she finds a new life with a new love, Michael, a local business man who operates hunting camps in remote Arnhem Land, a vast tropical wilderness. She is terrified when she sees her ex-husband in Darwin.
For safety, she goes with close friend Emily to remote Arnhem Land, unaware that her ex-husband is following her. He kidnaps them, he will hold Emily hostage whilst Patricia gets from the bank, the money she was awarded in the divorce settlement.
Patricia drugs him and they escape into the bush to walk to safety. The monsoon is starting; when torrential rain will not only make travelling impossible, but also will create immense floods. Then the crocodiles will move in to feast on the arriving migrating birds.
Patricia and Emily are also their prey.
Two people are desperately trying to find them.
Her ex-husband - to kill them.
Michael - to take them to safety.

The second book in the series, entitled Storm Over Kakadu, is scheduled to be published early in 2014
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