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"A critical survey of the modern spirit in literature. More than seventy essays including individual studies ranging from Melville, Emerson and Thoreau to James Agee, Saul Bellow and James Baldwin." (Front Cover)

"With obscure concepts increasingly clouding today's literary scene, the frank common sense of critic Alfred Kazin is a relief.Kazin, one of the most influential and widely known American critics, abhors literary sham, and uses the yardstick of reality as the tool of his criticism.

CONTEMPORARIES is a collection of some seventy essays, covering literature from the Romantics to the present.Kazin deals with the American writers of the classic tradition - Melville, Emerson, Thoreau; he evaluates the Continental writers; and in an important section he deals with the new writers - novelists, poets, essayists - giving the general reader orientation on the contemporary scene. His catholic tastes - including a predilection for travel, psychology, sociology - also find expression in this very readable book." (Back Cover)
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