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The Future Lasts a Long Time and The Facts ePub

On the morning of November 16, 1980, the French Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser burst out of his university apartment into the courtyard of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, screaming that he had killed his wife. While massaging his wife's neck, he had discovered that he had strangled her.

Spared from a criminal trial on grounds of mental illness, he lived the rest of his life largely in clinics, until his death in 1990: his astonishing, confessional autobiography caused an uproar in France when it was published two years later, and is now translated into English for the first time.

Althusser was one of the most influential French thinkers of the sixties and seventies, along with Sartre, Foucault, Barthes, Derrida, and Lacan. Here, in vivid, dramatic prose, he not only describes the murder of his wife Hélène, an extraordinary personality, and the agonizing, unconventional story of their life together but also reveals the history of his own severe identity crises and mental illness, and admits his fears of exposure as an intellectual fraud. The Future Lasts a Long Time is a riveting account of a tortured life: a book which threatens the credibility of post-war French Marxism, and alters the face of our century's cultural history.

This volume also includes an early autobiographical essay—The Facts—written in 1976 and published here in English for the first time.
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