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In Through A Coloured Lens ePub

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A young man searches for his identity. Young Black men lose their lives to the stories created about them that they then buy into. A mysterious bus driver documents an apocalyptic tale of our contemporary lives as it relates to the Book of Revelations. A woman speaks in the Council Chamber at Toronto City Hall to tell how her life went from normal to the desperation of depression, homelessness and then recovery. A northern city becomes known for its annual Caribbean carnival rivalling many similar celebrations around the globe. A little girl skips along a sidewalk, bringing memories of long forgotten childhoods.

“In Through a Coloured Lens” is a compilation of timely and timeless columns selected from the hundreds I have written that have appeared over the past ten years in Share newspaper – “Canada’s largest ethnic newspaper”. Here are words on the lives of African Canadians and the issues that affect us here and also beyond our Canadian borders. With my particular insights colouring each view, themes range from family relations to race relations, politics to humour, mental health and poverty, and even spirituality. For added dimension, there are illustrations by M.W. Santerre.
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