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Standing in the Light ePub

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I currently finished Standing in the Light by Mary Pope Osborn. It begins with Indian attacks. Everyone is terrified. But when Cathrine Carey Logan and her brother Tohmas are kidnapped things change. After being separated from her brother and living with Indians her life is really really different. At that moment I realized what a could job the author did when describing the setting,characters,and the plot. I could really tell Cathrine's emotions because of the descriptions. I could tell Cathrine is scared and lonely because she can't understand the language or customs very well.With in time she starts to adapt to her new life. I can connect with Cathrine because being scared or lonely is something anybody could feel. Like one of my friends who moved to a different country. She didn't know any of their language or customs just like Cathrine. Overall this is one of my new favorite books. With suspense,mystery,a hint of sadness,and more this book gets my five star approval!
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