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The Last Battle ePub

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In 52 BCE, General Caius Rodius, retired hero of Caesar's Legions, is called back to war. In nearby Gaul, Rome's combined armies lay siege to the Gallic stronghold of Alesia in a conflict fated to shape history. A third barbarian horde prepares to attack the Romans from without, led by the rebel Cammius, who once fought for Rome. Rising star Julius Caesar dispatches Rodius to track through the wilderness and bring back the rebel's head. Who better to hunt Cammius than the man who taught him the very skills he now uses to defy Rome? Rodius must choose between duty to Rome and Caesar or the barbarian he raised as his own son.

Story by international comics legend TITO FARACI (Diabolik, Spider-Man: The Secret of Glass, Daredevil and Captain America), art by award winning, multiple Eisner nominee DAN BRERETON (NOCTURNALS, Punisher, Marvel Ultimate Team,-Up, God-Sized Thor, Red Sonja).
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