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Change Your Life in 30 Days ePub

Change Your Life in 30 Days ePub ebook download
This was a book originally given to my sister by my father but was curious what the book was about. She starts in day 1 that in the beginning we need to learn to say no, create boundaries, give up on people pleasing, releasing false friends and make new ones. I've read this in a similar book before but did have to learn how to say no and able to release false friends, since I rarely have them any way. Ultimately, it is about changing your life to find your true self. Day 2 is about filtering the thing that come into your mind. Day 3 is working on building confidence and see results. This is what I need the most in some areas of my life, especially when it comes to career. I like the part about purpose is in you and passion makes you succeed. Affirmation keeps you focused.

Out of all the examples or stories shared, I couldn't believe she shared about her father killing her mother then himself before her very eyes. Her and her sister became orphans from that day forth; family spoke about them in third person. Now she's a life coach and much more, willing to share with those who want to get their lives back on track; or start to walk in their new life on purpose.

There were countless, helpful tips to consider when you want to be the best you can be. (I will mail this book to my sister soon and hopefully she'll read it).

Adrienna Turner
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