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Before We Were Five ePub

BEFORE WE WERE FIVE Poetry for Children Ages 2 - 5 When writing for 2 to 5 year olds, I try to return my head to when I was 2 to 5. Reading to my grandson from age 1 till he could read himself at 5, was a reminder that books at first are just pictures with scribbles. Then they become friendlier scribbles, 'til one day those scribbles become the words being spoken. For youngsters, books need to be fun the first time they're seen so they'll "read" them time and again. Frank Furlong's playful drawings are a great help. He and I began partnering 30 years ago when our TV commercials led to an Office of Education/HEW contract to make Educational Films. Now retired, "Before We Were Five," is our 3rd children's book, following "Pop-Pop'sMagic Chair," and "The Loch Lomond Monster." All are available thru Apple Stores IBooks, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Ingram's E-Catalogues + our website www.booksbyallmeans.com.
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