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Zac Goodman is lost in the Himalayas. The only clue is a manuscript that propels his friends on a lucid journey across India. Motorcycling and paragliding their way to Buddhist meditation retreats and yoga ashrams, they are drawn into Zac's vivid and intriguing version of reality. The relentless pursuit travels through the Tibetan plateau, to Mumbai's Bollywood movies and trance parties in Goa. Zac's quest for enlightenment draws his friends to the edge where personal transcendence blurs with apocalypse.

REVIEW; “The Highway has that cult quality that makes readers on the road (physically and psychologically) pass a book on; the style is accomplished, the narrative complex and fulfilling.

It’s a travelers book, rather than a travel book, a novel very much of the moment, combining the concept of a westerner’s spiritual quest among the ancient peoples and philosophies of Asia with the phenomenon of the global star, and the dislocation that comes with a globalized, endlessly reproduced image of the self.

It’s an intelligent, adventurous, risk-taking novel with beautiful imagery rendering complex abstract ideas real and immediate. There is a poetic and esoteric sensibility at work here that touches on the mysteries of the universe, weaving them into a tale of a modern hero who takes his search for enlightenment on the road.”

“A lucid, otherworldly trip on the undulating road to nirvana and self-discovery across the Indian subcontinent.”
Mario Rodrigues in The Statesman

“Will Marks takes readers on an exhilarating motorcycle journey with his novel , The Highway.”
Gouri Shah in The Economic Times
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