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Serpent (Sons of the Sea #2) ePub

Serpent (Sons of the Sea #2) ePub ebook download
Bastian spent many years on the shore of the sea, salvaging trinkets and watching for storms. He learned long ago to hide from the thunder, the lightning and merciless rain. But on that evening when the storm came rolling in, something kept his feet from running. Battered by the current, he is thrown into the sea only to be rescued by an unlikely savior—a serpent who becomes a man.

Mareas, he is called: son of the sea itself, and patron of lucky fortune. Mareas brings magic into his life, waking powers Bastian never knew he possessed. Under the guidance of Mareas, the young sea mage begins learning the truth of what he is capable, while yearning for more than friendship from his mysterious fey visitor.

But Mareas guards a dangerous secret. When the truth of his tragic past descends, it is he who must rely on Bastian’s magic to save them from the storm.
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