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The Battle of Koniggratz ePub

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Craig's short synopsis of the Austro-Prussian War obviously focuses on the Battle of Koniggratz but also succinctly explains the strategic background and shaping operations against other hostile German states. He could have added a short discussion on Bismarck's negotiations with France and Italy and the corresponding effects of the Italian campaign on Austria's decision-making, but as the title indicates this is a limited history of the war this isn't essential (and can be quickly gleaned from a scan of the Wikipedia article). Craig incorporates sufficiently detailed maps and remains consistent with his names to help us amateur historians determine the Austrian operational approach (p.41), the Prussian operational approach (p.45-7), Austria's failure to adapt their approach (p.64-5), the Prussian finalization of their approach (p.85), and the Prussian strategic determination of termination criteria (p.169)

This book also has some of the best anecdotes and quotes from commanders under fire: "The dogs are only aiming at first lieutenants," "Children do not leave me in a lurch!" and Moltke's appreciation of cattle being only some of the best.
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