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"But I thought Peter Pan was an awful, rotten, little boy who refused to ever grow. He was like 12, not 17, whiny, and just downright awful..."

"Sounds like she hit the nail on the head," Justin chuckles again as Aiden and Eiden join him.

Annoyed, he glares at them. "Do you mind?" Once their giggles run out, he sighs. "At some point in time, someone decided that my life story would make more sense if I were younger and worried about not being able to play with toys, blah, blah, blah. Truth be told, there's more to it than that."

Peyton Darling, high school senior, is a perennial wallflower who keeps her nose to her sketchbook. Everybody else might think that moving from city to city around the world is pretty glamorous, but Peyton is excruciatingly aware of what it really means...never fitting in.

So when the mysterious and-let's face it-super hot Justin literally almost drops in her lap, she almost misses her chance at an amazing adventure in a secret world that few ever see. Just as Peyton finally starts discovering who she is, circumstances show her that her life is not what it seems. And now she has to make a choice'family or friends?
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