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The LifedanceAs human beings we are both unique individuals and social creatures who need others for both our physical and emotional well being. Our life is thus characterized by two conflicting urges-to satisfy our own needs or to defer to the needs of others. How to keep a satisfactory balance between these opposing pulls is the subject of The Lifedance. The attitudes and skills enabling us to perform this back and forth "dance" between autonomy and mutuality are clearly described. Interesting vignettes of people caught in the typical dilemmas of the Lifedance are provided. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter to test reader's understanding of the attitudes and skills presented.This fascinating book is written in a lively, accessible style and provides important information helpful for people having difficulty keeping this crucial balance."A delightful and novel book full of valuable information that readers will find very helpful."Harold Dawley, Ph.D., Clinical PsychologistLucille Osterweil is a clinical psychologist who has spent 30 years helping clients achieve the difficult balance between autonomy and mutuality. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Osterweil has also taught psychology at the university level as well as to psychiatry residents.
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