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Trial of Nirvana ePub

Trial of Nirvana ePub ebook download
Phantom is a series of Sci-fi books that tells the story of a Divine Federation attempting to bring down an evil empire, of Summoners and warrior demons. The only thing that can stop this evil from prevailing is the Federation's elite warriors called Arcs.

Trial of Nirvana is a Phantom short story, about Raven’s quest to retrieve the holy sword Nirvana. This story takes place five years before The Last Nephilim. In it Raven has just completed the Arc academy and attempts to feed his pride by taking on an impossible task. With the help of his friend Vincent Shinnle, Raven takes on a Trial that will challenge him both physically and mentally, he will be forced to face his inner demons and visions of the chaos to come; in order to retrieve a legendary sword forged for a true Nephilim.
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