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Watcher (New Atlantis, #10) ePub

Watcher (New Atlantis, #10) ePub ebook download
He's searching for the Lost Knowledge of Atlantis.Instead he finds the love of his life.

When Raphael Umbria Jumps to Second Century Alexandria in search of the Divided Knowledge of Atlantis, he doesn’t appreciate being distracted by a youth who runs a street gang and uses martial arts that are out of place in the Ancient Roman Empire. But Jin is an anomaly he can’t figure out, and though he has never been interested in his own sex before, he starts to wonder if his intense obsession with the boy might indicate that Jin is his Key, the one person who can bring him fully back to life after hundreds of years of numbness and sterility.

Jin is on a quest of her own. Masquerading as a boy, she searches for a Watcher, one of those who, throughout history, have studied mankind from a distance and know all the secrets of time itself. She made a deathbed promise to her Master to find this man, discover when the demons would end the world, and get that information back to his Taoist temple in the Far East. Could Rafe be the Watcher she’s looking for?

As each seeks to uncover the mystery in the other, attraction turns to love. But when danger and duty challenge them, can their reluctant love withstand the forces of Destiny that seem intent on keeping them apart?
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