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Since 1916, Vogue has defined the essence of glamour and style. Distinguished, notorious, beautiful, sexy or striking, the singular women featured throughout the twentieth century in Vogue's glossy pages set exceptional standards of taste and fashion. In ten inspiring essays on themes such as Royals, Muses, Models, Stars, and Society Girls, the significant influences of many remarkable women are charted, and pertinent questions regarding beauty and the female form are considered. With expert analysis the author explores the contrasting representations of women from the exotic black dancer Josephine Baker in the 1920s to the quintessential English rose epitomized by Diana Cooper in wartime Britain, and from the curvaceous Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood to contemporary but controversial waifs like Kate Moss. The changing trends, from self made notoriety in the days before 'media' through to the impact of the supermodels Cindy, Linda, and Naomi — with their own retinue of brat-pack image makers — are each explored.
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