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Love Pistols, Volume 1 ePub

Love Pistols, Volume 1 ePub ebook download
Oh good gaaaawwwd.

I read this out of morbid curiosity after some manga reviewing folks over on YouTube and the blog-sphere decried how awful it was and... yeah, they were right. The bodies just horrify me, and make me want to give Tarako Kotobuki one of those cartoon anatomy proportion charts... the heads are basically far too small for the bodies.

The explanation of 'zoomans' and regular humans was also really stupid, and confused the hell out of me. And I felt so sorry for our poor main character!

Admittedly, I couldn't really finish this. Watching the short anime OVA that came out several years ago resulted in me shutting it off again. What an awful series this is... with such a horrible concept. Even promises of self-referential humour or the old 'it gets better' thing are going to do nothing to get me to go near this piece of tripe ever again.
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