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This is the very first book of Delta Green fiction, based on the writings of Lovecraft and the Call of Cthulhu supplement, Delta Green. If you're not familir with Delta Green, you can read more about it here: http://www.delta-green.com

So, as with all my short story anthology reviews, let us break this down into its constituent parts.

The book begins with a facsimile of a field report by Major General Reginald Fairfield, that serves as a quick and dirty manifesto of Delta Green's mission/attitude. Next is an introduction by Bob Kruger that gives a little background on Pagan Publishing, how he got involved with Delta Green, and eventually came to edit this collection. The last bit of foreplay is "A Word of Explanation" by John Tynes, a short breakdown of what Delta Green is exactly, as well as its history and some of its rivals.

The first actual story in the book is "The Dark Above" by John Tynes. It opens with a surprisingly erotic scene that turns disturbing quickly, and sets up the emotional profile of the rest of the story. The tale concerns the discovery of a hybrid Deep One child by a rather naive EPA agent who is being groomed by Delta Green. As a result of her discovery she is teamed with a disgraced Navy Seal with a traumatic past. Together they must deal with the situation, that while minor in scope, becomes a wake-up call for one, and yet another reminder of the others' damnation. What the story illustrates so well is the toll even the smallest encounters with the Mythos can take and how easily they can destroy a persons emotional foundation. This story is a simple opener plot-wise, but a real focused powerhouse thematically. A great way to start the collection. I give it an easy 4 out of 5 stars.

The second story, "Drowning in Sand" by Dennis Detwiller, takes the form of a last testament of a scientist from Majestic-12. Majestic-12 is the authorized government agency that deals with the supernatural, but has had the wool pulled over its eyes, and has sold out humanity for scraps of knowledge from aliens. The narrator tells the story of how he was one of the scientists that studied the technology recovered from the Roswell crash, how this quest for knowledge drove him to murder, and how what he has finally realized about this technology has brought his life to its conclusion. Short yet compelling stuff; 4 out of 5 stars.

The third story is titled "Pnomus" and is by Ray Winninger. The two characters of this story are a FBI psychiatrist, and a disturbed young woman who has been found after a six year disappearance. The two fantastical elements that are at the heart of the story are time travel, and beings that exist in words (or whose existence is given away by a word). It's tough to explain without giving things away, but this is a crackerjack little story. 5 out of 5 stars.
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