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Empowered by Praise ePub

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God's presence and power are as near as your uplifted voice. Let Dr. Michael Youssef guide you into a richer understanding of personal praise. And begin to experience God’s powerful, continual presence in your life. When praise is practiced according to the biblical model, it’s expressed in an amazingly rich variety of forms. It releases us from earthly concerns. It transports us into God’s presence. It opens the door to God’s power–power that continually motivates and guides us through our daily lives.
Scripture assures us that God is present with us in a very real way when we praise him. And along with his nearness comes a new level of his power operating in our lives. Empowered by Praise will not only expand our knowledge about praising God, but will actually help energize our daily practice of praise, resulting in a powerful, personal spiritual transformation.
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