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A Fine How-De-Do ePub

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It’s been a bad month for Tonya Garcia. After her beloved Nonna nonna died, her boyfriend's only sympathy involved big plans for spending her inheritance. What was she doing with that skinny-legged jerk, anyways? Now that he’s out of the picture, Tonya needs a new start and with the help of a dartboard decides Willowdale, North Carolina is the place.

But the move from the Big Apple to this hole in the wall isn’t as easy as she figured. On her first day in the tiny town, she gets a speeding ticket from a hot cop and a warning from the locals not to open a new beauty salon like she’d planned.

The only saving grace is the chicken and biscuits at The Jelly Jar diner, a new friend desperate for a decent 'do, and the police chief who might be interested in her for all the wrong reasons. Can Tonya find new love and a new life? Or was her ex right—that she’ll be running back to him in New York?
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