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Happy Birthday ePub

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I just loved this book. It is my first ever Christina Jones and I picked it up from a bargain bin thinking that it looked fun. I was not disappointed. I have spent the whole day reading it outside in the sizzling hot sun - just perfect.

I understand that a lot of the characters have been introduced in previous books and that they are all set in cute little Berkshire villages with funny names so now I know this I can't wait to dive into the others. This story centres on Phoebe, a list-making, highly-oragnised, horoscope reading hairdresser who turned up for her immaculately planned wedding to discover that the groom hasn't. As Phoebe tries to come to terms with what's happened and carry on alone, she has to put up with the return of Rocky, her noisy, bad-tempered neighbour as well. Then she meets Essie, a glamorous pensioner who dabbles in something called Happy Birthday magic and that's when things take a turn...

What a wonderful, magical read. I adored all the characters and there is such humour and comedy moments that I laughed out loud in places. Loved, loved, loved it.
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