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12 Brain/Mind Learning Principles in Action ePub

This book is written in textbook style, and I read it as part of a Contemporary Learning Theory class I am taking for my Master of Education degree. While in typical textbook fashion, it is not the most thrilling read ever, it does serve as a great resource for teachers or those interested in working within the educational field. One of my favorite details were real-life examples from actual teachers that illustrated a concept or idea the textbook was introducing.

This book introduces concepts about how our brains and memories work and what that means for students and teachers. It helps give a basis for understanding why certain learning strategies are important, and how teachers can alter their strategies or introduce new ones that students receive the most effective teaching. For example, the book talks a lot about the importance of relaxed alertness. This is a supportive yet challenging and empowering social environment that elicts learners' interests, purposes, and meanings. Without relaxed alertness, students may focus on their discomfort and not be engaged or able to learn. The book gives ideas for how teachers can help create relaxed alertness in their classroom so that learning can commence.

If I could change this book in any way it would be to add more examples. Although the ones included are great, they are limited in number. Also, I felt like there was some redundancy in content. For exmaple, relaxed alertness is explained and referred to numerous times, as is the concept of perseveration or "short-term survival response that occurs when a personal belief (what one believes to be true of others or of the world generally) or belief about oneself (what one believes about one's own activities or reasoning) is challenged" (94). On the other hand, this redundancy allows readers to jump in at any chapter and not feel out of their depth, which may be beneficial for some class use of this text.
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