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Tales of the Shimmering Sky ePub

Tales of the Shimmering Sky is a collection of sky tales from around the world.Included in this book are activities and experiences that will enrich the meaning of these tales, collected from places such as Mexico, Scandinavia, India, and from various Native American cultures. Each collection is followed by improtant information about that area of the sky, as well as things that the reader can do or make, such as learning about the reasons for seasons and why clouds form. A fascinating combination of folklore, facts, and fun.

This book would be a valuable addition to any unit on folklore, myths, or fables in an intermediate classroom.The recurring motif of the sky unites the folktales, collected from nine diffent cultures. This could be a fascinating way to compare and contrast the way different cultures described natural phenomena before it wasexplained scientifically. Each folktale is followed by a scientific information as well as various games and projects to compliment diverse learning styles.
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