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Emotionology beginning with Victorian age to shift in the 1920s and how both emotional cultures appear in our experience in today's society.Characterizes Victorian culture as one that channeled emotions and characterized men and women as separate breeds with separate prescriptions to a shift in emotion management by dampening intensity of all emotions.This dampening occurred in context of increased interaction between genders on more equal playing field and large scale industrial and corporate work atmospheres in which being nice and getting along were more useful attributes than hotheadedness or courage utilized in Victorian time period.Emotional outlets then transferred to more acceptable areas such as material consumption, sexual promiscuity, therapy, diaries as places for ventilation, emotional spectatorship of sports and other performances of emotion by others, and leisure activities that offered an alternative reality.

Was an enjoyable book to read although at times the interest of the topic felt restricted by its systematization: checking off points made, summation offered, introduction to next topic, repeat.
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