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I Can't Sleep ePub

I Can't Sleep ePub ebook download
Follow the creative mind of a fourth grade boy as he struggles to fall asleep. Friends and family have given him advice but it does not work. What ever will he do? How will he ever sleep with all of these worries? Will he ever get out of the fourth grade? Never fear! Mom and Dad hear their son’s struggle and come to save the night with an ingenious plan that helps their son find a sense of confidence as he learns to better handle his worries and troubles.

Included in this book is a letter to parents from the author, Allie MacPhail RMFT. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Allie recognizes that our worries can sometimes get the better of us causing, among other things, sleepless nights. Creatively written and beautifully illustrated this entertaining book demonstrates one method parents can use to help their children have a good night’s sleep
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