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Daisy (Brides of the Rockies Book 3) ePub

Daisy (Brides of the Rockies Book 3) ePub ebook download
Traveling with the circus from town to town as a Tarot card reader, Daisy Hopkin wants nothing more than to find her father. Never truly fitting into the circus troupe, she longs for a family of her own and a normal, quiet life.

Jesse Gunn’s farmer friends convince him to have his fortune told, but he never expected the gypsy fortuneteller with the fake accent to be so lovely, so enticing. Intrigued, he asks her to dinner, but Daisy has an agenda, thinking his father is also her own. Stunned by the accusation, Jesse doubts this claim. Daisy couldn’t possibly be his sister, or could she?

After a fire burns the big top tent to the ground, Daisy and another fortuneteller, Olga, are blamed for it and accused of witchcraft. No longer able to trust those around her, Daisy flees for the safety of Jesse’s arms, but the mysteries of her past need to be dealt with. Who is her father, and what other secrets did her mother hide?
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