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The Airmen Who Would Not Die ePub

This is one of the books that stay with you for a long time.

It basically is a well-documented story of dead men communicating through mediums. What makes it so interesting to me is, of course, the link it has to early aviation.

When the giant airship R-101 crashed in 1930,almost everyone on it died. But a few months later, a medium called Eileen Garrett began to get messages from the dead airmen. Not your basic "there is no death" messages, but verifiable data as to why the airship went down.

Ms Garrett was able to deliver data on individual struts inside the hull, and how the Diesel engine backfired into the ship and many more items that were known only to men who died in the blaze. I will leave it up to you to read the evidence, but even a close scrutiny makes it impossible to claim it's a hoax.

This is the best book by Fuller, tho the Ghost of 29 Megacycles is interesting (if scary) too, and so is The Ghost of Flight 401. Arigo, the Surgeon of the Rusty Knife is not as good as these three.
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