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I Was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse ePub

The charge that I destroyed the mattress is totally laughable because the mattress was my only chance to even partially try to get out of the cold, dankness and draftiness. It would have made absolutely no sense whatever for me to destroy it.
However, I would add that in order to save my life from the freezing cold I would have been fully justified in destroying one or even a thousand of those mattresses, or even destroying the entirety of the prison. If one is allowed to kill in self defense, how much more should he be allowed to destroy a cheap prison mattress to save his life. Although I reiterate I did not destroy said mattress or anything else in the jailhouse.
On numerous occasions I was threatened with being sent to a mental hospital for observation. I was told if I didn't stop screaming they were going to come into the cell and stuff a towel or rag in my mouth to shut me up. I told the jailer if he did I would smash his blankety-blank head off. I also added that I hadn't eaten all day.

Here is the self-published pamphlet of chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, written in the mid-80's after being detained for two days by Pasadena authorities. After soundly defeating the Russian Boris Spassky in a 1972 match (aiding the US in the Cold War - chess is a big deal in Russia), Fischer pretty much fell off the face of the Earth for twenty years, nursing his paranoia and militant anti-Semitism. This is a document of the former.

You can see the same sensitivity to light and sound which made Fischer a diva of the chess world, repeatedly storming out of matches over harsh lighting; here, street noise is considered to be "at a Decibel level so loud as to cause permanent hearing damage." Fischer's hyperbole is laughable but more sad. A true genius destroyed by mental illness. It seems there are few biographies of the man, which surprises me, because he is fascinating.
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