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Cook This, Not That! ePub

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chock full of recipes, advice and tips on how to eat better.This is great book, and my husband especially enjoyed it, because it meant he could eat the SAME foods, by making the same foods he's already eating healthier and the taste generally doesn't change.We've tried a few of the recipes, and even tweeked some of the recipes (for the better), and have been really happy with the outcome.While it's still much too early to find out whether or not we're going to lose weight, It's a great reference book when you're about to cook something, or about to go to the grocery store.

Recipes include but not limited to: Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Pastas, roasted turkey, hamburgers, nachos, omelettes, pancakes, smoothies and even ice cream sundaes!If you're a fan of the other Eat this, Not that books, then you won't be disapointed by Cook This, Not That.

Being in Canada, a lot of the brands or products are not available to us, however it doesn't take a rocket scientist to study the recommended items and make similar choices with what we do have available.
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