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The Pornography Battle ePub

Are you facing a pornography battle in your marriage?

This practical guide provides biblical answers to help Christian wives get a grip on their emotions and learn how to think biblically to make wise decisions about their marriage and life. Jenny encourages women to face their situation head-on without fear, disgrace or self-consciousness.

Nothing is more devastating to a wife than discovering her husband’s pornography obsession. A wife is afflicted with thoughts of her husband committing adultery numerous times over. Even if there is no physical sexual infidelity, the emotional infidelity is no less painful.

The sense of rejection is overwhelming and creates a barrage of emotions that can cripple an otherwise healthy woman. A wife can be tormented with anguish that inhibits her ability to function as a wife, mother, employee, etc.

Shame enters the scene to cause isolation and lead a woman to feel she is alone and unable to move beyond her seemingly hopeless situation. Many women suffer in silence to avoid further pain and humiliation, only to experience deteriorating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Statistics claim that 90% of Christian men have relational problems because they view pornography, lust, and fantasize. It’s estimated that over 50% of Christian men are addicted to pornography. It’s nearly impossible to number how many Christian wives are affected by their husband’s sexual sin.

Jenny Wilson shares lessons learned from her first-hand experience of suffering through the angst, confusion, sorrow and dreadful consequences of her husband’s sin. With candid honesty, she reaches out to help other women understand how deceit, pride and selfishness work together to make the pornography battle so challenging.

But she speaks hope into her reader’s hearts. She shines the light of the gospel onto the dark domain of pornography addiction. Her application of sound doctrine exposes a clear-cut explanation of the underlying issues that entice a man to pursue pornography, and explains how it can so effectively trap him in the bondage of sexual sin. She provides examples of how similar patterns in a woman’s heart can lead to unrelentless worry, anxiety and anger.

Discover the true source of pornography addiction and its effects on men AND their wives. Jenny debunks any misguided ideas you may have about co-dependency and co-addiction. Throw those words out of your mind for good.

There’s only one solution. Jenny clarifies it, and reveals how it facilitates hope, healing, repentance and restoration.
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